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lunes, 13 de octubre de 2014

Día Mundial del Lavado de Manos, Octubre 15

Este 15 de Octubre, la Organización Mundial de la Salud, en conjunto con la UNICEF celebran el Día Mundial del Lavado de Manos. Esta es una oportunidad para recordar a todos la importancia del Lavado de Manos. Infórmate y distribuye la información acerca de la importancia del lavado de manos en:
Descarga los posters y manuales de la campaña de la UNICEF AQUI.

This course and promotional materials review key concepts of hand hygiene and other standard precautions to prevent healthcare-associated infections.
Promotional materials (Posters).
A variety of resources including guidelines for providers, patient empowerment materials, the latest technological advances in hand hygiene adherence measurement, frequently asked questions, and links to promotional and educational tools.
All health-care workers require clear and comprehensive training and education on the importance of hand hygiene, the "My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene" approach and the correct procedures for handrubbing and handwashing.
Hygiene refers to behaviors that can improve cleanliness and lead to good health, such as frequent hand washing, face washing, and bathing with soap and water. In many areas of the world, practicing personal hygiene etiquette is difficult due to lack of clean water and soap. Many diseases can be spread if the hands, face, or body are not washed appropriately at key times.

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