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miércoles, 11 de septiembre de 2013

Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, Model Regulation. Book UNECE 2013

Published:July 2013

Complete set of two volumes
Sales No. 13.VIII.1
ISBN 978-92-1-139146-6
Price: US$ 155
Languages: E, F
(A, C, R forthcoming)
These recommendations have been developed in the light of technical progress, the advent of new substances and materials, the exigencies of modern transport systems and, above all, the requirement to ensure the safety of people, property and the environment. They are addressed to governments and international organisations concerned with the regulation of the transport of dangerous goods. The Model Regulations cover the classification of dangerous goods, their listing, the use, construction, testing and approval of packagings and portable tanks, as well as consignment procedures such as marking, labelling, placarding and documentation.
This eighteenth revised edition contains various new and revised provisions concerning, inter alia, classification of solid oxidizing substances; transport of adsorbed gases; lithium batteries (including damaged or defective lithium batteries, lithium batteries for disposal or recycling); asymmetric capacitors; discarded packagings; ammonium nitrate and radioactive material; testing of gas cartridges and fuel cell cartridges; marking of bundles of cylinders; and the applicability of ISO standards to the manufacture of new pressure receptacles or service equipment.
UNECE: United Nations Economic Commision for Europe
Versión 2009 en Español
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