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miércoles, 23 de mayo de 2012

Biosafety concerns for labs in the developing world

As report reveals lax standards in Asia-Pacific, researchers debate how to enforce rules.
By Ewen Callaway
22 May 2012
Biocontainment labs across the Asia-Pacific region all too often fail to live up to the term. An inspection of dozens of labs has found that nearly one-third of the biosafety hoods intended to protect workers from deadly pathogens did not work properly — an offence for which a Western lab could be shut down. In one facility, only a shower curtain enclosed a table on which the brains of rabid dogs were routinely dissected. Such deficiencies are symptomatic of a biosafety crisis in many of the laboratories that diagnose and study infectious agents in developing countries, say biorisk experts who attended a meeting at London’s Chatham House on 17 May, where the results of the inspection were presented.
Please see article at:     >> Nature News <<
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