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viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

#LiveStream the #influenza #H5N1 Research Discussion #li @profvrr

Wednesday, February 29, 2012 | 7:15 a.m. – 8:15 a.m.
Discussion of NSABB’s publication recommendations for the NIH-funded research on the transmissibility of H5N1.
Live Stream the H5N1 Research Discussion Taking Place at the ASM Biodefense Meeting for FREE! If you are unable to view the live streamed session, archived footage will be available starting at 1 p.m. the same day.
Moderated by the Chair of the National Science Advisory Board for Biosecurity (NSABB), Paul Keim, Ph.D., this newly added session at the ASM Biodefense and Emerging Diseases Research Meeting will include discussions of the NSABB’s recommendations for the publication of the controversial H5N1 research. This session will also provide an open forum for attendees to give their feedback on such policy issues as the appropriate mechanisms to allay public concerns about the safety of dual use research.
Visit to access both the live stream and the archived footage.
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