lunes, 31 de octubre de 2016

Recent Advances in Antimicrobial Polymers: A Mini-Review

Human safety and well-being is threatened by microbes causing numerous infectious diseases resulting in a large number of deaths every year. Despite substantial progress in antimicrobial drugs, many infectious diseases remain difficult to treat. Antimicrobial polymers offer a promising antimicrobial strategy for fighting pathogens and have received considerable attention in both academic and industrial research. This mini-review presents the advances made in antimicrobial polymers since 2013. Antimicrobial mechanisms exhibiting either passive or active action and polymer material types containing bound or leaching antimicrobials are introduced. This article also addresses the applications of these antimicrobial polymers in the medical, food, and textile industries.

Huang, Keng-Shiang et al. “Recent Advances in Antimicrobial Polymers: A Mini-Review.” Ed. Antonella Piozzi and Iolanda Francolini. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 17.9 (2016): 1578.
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