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miércoles, 6 de junio de 2012

Biorisk Assessment Models (#BioRAMs)

The biorisk assessment models were designed for use by biorisk officers at laboratories and provide visualization of the relative risks, and help to identify risk mitigation measures. These models have incorporated IBTR and international biorisk officer experience in drafting sets of criteria, prioritizing the criteria, and outlining scoring functions for the criteria. The main objective of these models is to help strengthen risk governance in the laboratories by providing assessment methods that are is standardized, systematic, and repeatable. Biorisk subject matter expertise was critical in the development of these models, as there currently is no straight imperial data for laboratory biorisks.
  1. Biorisk Assessment Models (BioRAMs) (Intro)
  2. Biosafety Risk Assessment Methodology
  3. Strengthening Risk Governance in Bioscience Laboratories
  4. BioRAM (Biosafety and Biosecurity) Software: (You can obtain a link to download the software via email)

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