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viernes, 5 de enero de 2018

A biosafety level 2 virology lab for biotechnology undergraduates

Medical, industrial, and basic research relies heavily on the use of viruses and vectors. Therefore, it is important that bioscience undergraduates learn the practicalities of handling viruses. Teaching practical virology in a student laboratory setup presents safety challenges, however. The aim of this article is to describe the design and implementation of a virology laboratory, with emphasis on student safety, for biotechnology undergraduates. Cell culture techniques, animal virus infection, quantification, and identification are taught at a biosafety level 2 for a diverse group of undergraduates ranging from 20 to 50 students per group.

Matza‐Porges, Sigal, and Dafna Nathan. “A Biosafety Level 2 Virology Lab for Biotechnology Undergraduates.” Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education 45.6 (2017): 537–543. PMC.

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