lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

Eye Safety in Dentistry and Associated Liability

The first objective of this article is to expressan experimental-work-supported opinion ofits authors regarding the inadequacy of thepresent dental mask and regular eyewearcombination for protecting dental care practitioners. Its second objective is to suggestamending OSHA Standard 1910.133(a)(1) tomandate effective eye protection for dentalcare practitioners by requiring the use ofeffective means for closing the bottom gapsbetween the lower rims of the lenses of theprotective eyewear and the upper edge ofthe mask worn by the practitioner.The various types and sources of dentalpractice eye occupational hazards and thepossible entry routes of dental debris towarddental practitioners'eyes are discussed.Experimental work, confirming theinadequacy of the present dental mask andeyewear combination for protecting dentalcare practitioners, is presented.
Arsenault P, Tayebi A. Eye Safety in Dentistry and Associated Liability. J Mass Dent Soc. 2016 Winter;64(4):12-6. PubMed PMID: 27197360.

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