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viernes, 23 de agosto de 2013

WHO: Flip Chart Safe Hospital

How could we call on a community, a school, or a rural health center to be partners and participants in the promotion of Hospitals Safe from Disasters? This flip chart gives us that opportunity. It has an entertaining format and design, and it teaches by using simple and direct language. Each illustrated sheet presents only the most important ideas; pictures are accompanied by short, simple text written in a font that is easy to read.
It was conceived and developed as an informational, motivational, and educational tool that could communicate the strategic importance of safe health facilities, whether large hospitals in urban areas or small health posts serving urban and rural populations. The flip chart can be used to work with a variety of audiences, including children and teenagers, persons associated with health services, users of health services, media and education sectors, authorities from different levels and sectors, including regional and local authorities, and the community at large.
The three objectives–to inform, motivate, and educate–are achieved by inviting reflection on the “stories” that are presented. A story is presented on each page of the flip chart. Through individual or collective reflection about the images, new stories, behavior, lessons, and conclusions will emerge that will enhance the potential and scope of the material.
The flip chart can be “guided use” teaching, where the person leading the session suggests that the audience perform certain activities such as: discuss these stories as a group and compare different versions from the discussion process and propose conclusions and lessons learned from each of the stories. For “open use” teaching, sheets from the flip chart can be placed in locations throughout the community, such as waiting rooms and clinics of health facilities, shops and supermarkets, places where people stand in line (city hall and other public institutions, banks, utility payment windows, etc.), and educational facilities. With open use, there is the potential for collective reaction to messages on each sheet, as well as individual reflection. Having the media use the sheets as newspaper inserts is a good use of the material.
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